We went to Boston yesterday. What a neat city ! I can't say enough good things about it.

First of all, the downtown area is thriving, bustling, beehive of activity.

A huge amount of road work in progress is a downer, but we're not talking about fixing potholes. They're building a park area right in the middle of a divided street! They already have The Boston Commons (we'd call it a city park) which offers baseball fields, an old cemetery, lots of green space where people were soaking up sunshine and vendors selling ice cream, tshirts, soft drinks, etc.

The sidewalks were full of people; they appeared to be a pretty even mix of tourists and office workers.

Their public transportation system is amazing. We rode the train from Worcester to downtown Boston -- about 1-1/2 hr ride. The Boston train terminal offers all kinds of food to eat and a direct link into the subway system. We booked a tour of the city right there at the station. We did not venture into the subway, but think that next time we might drive to the outer-most subway stop and get into the city that way.

We've been warned not to take our car into downtown and now we see why. There is very little parking and what there is starts at $35/day!

The architecture is a mix of everything. Old and new. brick and glass. Very interesting... It's hard to believe that in 1960 there was only one tall building in downtown Boston.

There are 3 OLD cemeteries right in the heart of down town. We saw graves of many names we recognized from history books.

Our tour included trolley and boat. The trolley made 8 stops and you could get off, walk around for awhile and then get back on the next one. They ran every 20 minutes. That's a neat way to see a city. The boat just went around in the harbor, but what a view! And it was a beautiful day for a boat ride ....

Sunny, temp in mid 70s. We walked about half of the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a red line on the sidewalk (In many cases, it was actually red brick laid into the side walk) that leads you around the city past many historic spots. Total length is 2-1/2 miles.

On 4 separate ocassions, we were standing on a corner, studying our map, trying to decide which way to go next and a total stranger came up to us and asked if we needed help. Where were we trying to go? Where had we been? What did we want to see? Be sure to see... These folks were very friendly and proud of their city.

Boston has a lot to offer. Everyone should see it.

Boston Harbor

Looking towards the Old Statehouse (on the left)

The grave of Paul Revere

The start of the Freedon Trail