Cape Ann

We've spent the last 3 days in extreme northeastern Massachusetts and the very southern tip of New Hampshire.

Tuesday was a gorgeous day. sunshine!!! mid 70s. We drove and walked in Gloucester and Rockport on Cape Ann. Both are quaint fishing villages, now overrun with tourists, but definitely worth the trip. Lunch at a charming restaurant overlooking the ocean. I am surprised at how calm the Atlantic Ocean is; no waves to speak of; yet, I'm sure there are times when it's not this calm.

Saw the Fisherman's Monument in honor of all the fisherman lost at sea and the Fishermen's Wives Monument in honor of all the women left behind. Also Hammond Castle looks a bit out of place in New England.

Wednesday was rainy again (which is our norm). We drove to Portsmouth NH and went aboard the submarine Albacore, which never went to battle, but rather was used as an experimental sub to try out new technology.

Thursday we drive back to Pine Acres in time to go to work at 4:00.... the beginning of 6 straight days of working over the long holiday week end. The campground will be bursting at the seams. I'm told that the campground has fabulous, professional fireworks.

Rockport Harbor

The Submarine Albacor

Where we had lunch

The view from our table

THe Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial
Ed Note - Tim's mother was here when the memorial was dedicated in 1923.

Dave and Kathy with the names of the lost fishermen behind them

The Gloucester Fisherman's Wives memorial

The entrance to Hammond Castle