Our adventures continue! We had 4 days in a row off from work this past week.

We took the RV and went up the east coast of Maine to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, both of which are on Mount Desert Island. We camped 3 nights right on the edge of the water, facing back toward the mainland.

To get there, we traveled up hwy 1, and that was a disappointment. It offered no views of the water. We saw one little village after another. It was all congested, 2-lane highway. Very tedious driving in the RV.

Bar Harbor is a touristy little town. It was once the summer home of famous, wealthy people. They built "cottages" that look like mansions. Most of them are B & Bs today. There is actually a sand bar that connects the city to a very small island. During low tide, you can walk on the sand bar over to the island (There's nothing on the island but shrubs) or even drive your car on it. At high tide, the sand bar is under 8 feet of water! They say they lose at least one car a year when people stay out there too long. This sand bar is how the town got its name.

While in Bar Harbor, we went sailing one afternoon with 12 of our new closest friends; had beautiful weather while we were out, but a major storm blew through about an hour after we returned to land.

Acadia National Park, the first national park east of the Mississippi, is made up entirely of land that was donated by the locals.... 40,000 acres. It contains Cadillac Mountain, which is the highest peak on the eastern coast... 1530 ft. The park is densely forrested. In 1947, a large fire destroyed 17,000 acre on the islands, including over 60 of the cottages. Interestingly, the burned area has grown back with deciduous trees, whereas the non burned area is almost all evergreen. They think that in another 50 years, evergreens will take over and crowd out the deciduous trees.

Acadia offered many more views of trees than of coast. On the way up, we spent a couple hours in Rockland Maine, a small seaport town. I actually liked it better than Bar Harbor. I was expecting Maine to be cool, but it wasn't. We were there when the whole country was swealtering. Temps in upper 80s there are quite rare.

Please note that we no longer consider upper 80s to be cool; we really are getting spoiled!

Our our front RV window

Dave helps to hoist the sails

Bar Harbor Island from Cadillac Mt.

Rockland Harbor

Main street, Bar harbor

The golf course from Cadillac Mt.

Bar Harbor from a resturant