Pine Acres Campground

What a marvelous holiday weekend we had.
The rain held off totally for 3 glorious sunny days with just a quick shower on the 4th day. Even the mosquitos seem to have abated.

The park was packed full. The biggest problem was that the store ran out of ice on Monday, and one young boy hurt his wrist on the playground.

Everyone was having a good safe time. This is a family park, so there were kids on bikes everywhere. The fireworks over the lake on Monday night were top quality... a rival to what we've seen in Addison in years past. Before the fireworks began, everyone on the beach stood and sang the Star Spangled Banner .. a very moving experience.

Working 6 days in a row was a bit much.

Friday was hectic with all the rigs entering the park. Monday was doubly hectic with visitors entering. I took in over $1000 in guest fees in my shift (10 am - 6 pm) on that one day! On

Tuesday, everyone was leaving the park, and work in the entry gate was non-existant. Early in the day on Tuedsay, we enjoyed quite a parade of rigs passing by our campsite on their way out.