New Hampshire & Vermont

This week we made a big circle up through Vermont, over to New Hampshire and back down to our campground. Lots of miles, lots of trees, lots of mountains, lots of lakes. Beautiful scenery, but not much else.

In Vermont, our favorite place was Lake Champlain, in the extreme northwest corner of the state. It's a huge lake, running north and south. There is a string of islands in the middle of the lake, and a state highway connecting them all, using causeways. We spent one night on one of the islands, looking out at the boats passing by. Beautiful clear blue water, mountains in the background. Very peaceful.

In New Hampshire, the White Mountains are magnificent. We did a 2-mile hike up (and up and up!) to Flume Gorge in Franconia Notch (In this part of the country, passes through mountains are not called passes; they're notches.) with water running down beside us all the way. There was a side trip to a Bear Cave that you could CRAWL through, but we opted not to do that. I was very impressed with Franconia Notch State Park and how well its roads are maintained. However, the INTERSTATE hwy that passed through this same state park was one lane in each direction with a divider so you could not pass!

We also saw the mountain where the Old Man of the Mountain used to be .... a group of rocks that looked like the profile of a man; It was these rocks that first drew tourists to the area 200 yrs ago. However, the Old Man fell off the mountain about 3 years ago. We felt rather foolish hiking to see where he USED TO BE, but we were not alone; Apparently he was a very big deal in that area.

In extreme southern NH, we stumbled onto an outdoor cathedral, originally started by a man to honor his son who was killed in war; there was a real organ being played as we gazed at the altar with mountains behind it.

We passed through both state capitals. Small cities really. But they both had beautiful capitol bldgs with the obligatory dome on top.

We traveled on magnificent interstate roads and scenic byways. Lots of bicyclers on the 2-lane scenic roads, which was a little exciting in an RV.

Our RV did extremely well in the mountains; the diesel motor has a lot more power than our old RV did.

We saw several covered bridge, but of course, we did not go on them in the RV. We're about 20,000 lbs over the maximum weight limit!

For my quilting friends, there is a picture of quilts made from old wool sweaters. For my Episcopalian friends, there is a picture of the NH Diocesan Office.

The Outdoor Cathedral

Franconia Notch

Profile Lake

The Gorge Narrows

The Vermont Capitol Building

Diocese of new Hampshire

The New Hampshire Capitol Building

Bear Cave

Downtown Concord

Montpelier, Vermont

Pemisewasset River

Lake Champlain from out campsite

Vermont scenery

A Vermont back road

The Vermont countryside

Quilts of re-cycled wool