November 2004 at Whispering Pines

Friday night, 11/19/04

Seven couples gathered at Whispering Pines RV Resort, North of Tyler, TX, for the November North Star Sams monthly campout.

Among the Club goals for the weekend, besides having a LOT of fun with new and old friends, were to assemble a "Little-Red-Wagon" to be filled with toys and presented to the tots at the Lewisville Hospital on Dec. 4th at 11:30 AM.

Additionally, the ladies were going to make "lap robes" to be donated.

The last goal (probably REALLY at the top of the list) was to have a "Thanksgiving style", potluck, dinner.

To keep our Thanksgiving style dinner in the proper spirit, we Texas "Indians" invited a Canadian "Pilgrim" couple to break bread with us. It was nice to have them as they were so far away from home.

As luck would have it, starting at dark on Saturday night, it RAINED all night long.

Even so, ALL of the weekend goals WERE ACHIEVED

More details may be obtained from the Club newsletter.


Whispering Pines Office


The outdoor pavilion


The large and spacious meeting and game rooms


Saturday morning's business meeting


The "ladies", swapping yarns


Brian is "Supervising" the Wagon Assembly Team


Assemblers Lew, Steve, and Dave, under Sherry's watchful eyes


No comment needed here


Scalpel..... Sponge..... Pliers.....


Slicin' & Dicin' the lap robes


Success ! The kids will LOVE this


The North Star Sams Club Members


Ahh..... FOOD ! ! !