Spring Samboree
Wichita Falls, TX

During the week from 3/29 to 4/03 ( 2005) 4 couples and RVs from the
Texas North Star Sams attended the Spring Samboree in Wichita Falls, TX.

506 RVs from Texas and the rest of the USA attended the 5 day gathering.

Below are pictures of what we saw and did.

The 125 mile route from north Dallas to the Wichita Falls Samboree

The Morans, the Helwicks, The Baileys, and the Foiteks caravan to Wichita Falls

We all signed in at the Registration table

Sherry is buying some patches for her vest

Lew, Kathy, Jim, and Dave try to digest all of the information we have just gotten at Sign-up.

Sherry and Pat join the Good Sam "Red Hats"

Pat line-dancing

we enjoy some VERY casual down time

The Area 17 Chapters lined up for the march-in at the Opening Ceremony

Tim and Lew carry the banner for our chapter

The crowd waits for the Opening Ceremony to start

Assistant State Directors for Area
17, Jann and Bob Sanders

Jim presents our chapter's donation to "Dogs for the Deaf"

The Iowa City High School Choir entertains

A meeting for the Samboree First-Timers

A Tea for the Red Hatters

Pat and Sherry in their Red Hat outfits

More much appreciated downtime


The FALLS of Wichita Falls

Dave and Kathy at the Falls

Tim and Sherry at the Falls

The END.....

Ya know, a guy could do some SERIOUS 5-wheelin' on this lil' scooter.