The North Star Sams April, 2005, campout was held
at Cedar Mills RV park on Lake Texoma.

Del and Greg Duerr were voted into the North Star Sams
and a tree was planted in memory of Malee Jones.


Brian, Cheryl, and Jann, sitting around in the dark on Friday night

Sherry, Jim, and Marge

Here's Tim

EARLY on Saturday morning

A virtual FOREST of sailboat masts

Everybody is listening to Sherry Young at the business meeting

The "Hug Mistress" at work on Pat

Lew, Bob, Steve, Dave, & Brian dig the hole for Malee's tree

Everybody is "helping" Lew uncover the root ball

Bob expresses the feelings of the group

Bob offers a prayer

Kathy, Bob, Jerry Jones, and Cheryl share a silent moment

Malee's Memorial

The Texas North Star Sams

Brian is trying out his new Cabana Tent

Jerry Jones, Dave, Kathy, Jim, and Marge

Brian, Cheryl, Gregg, Dell, and Sherry

Pat, Lew, Steve, Bob, Jann, and Sherry

Sittin' around after Sunday breakfast before getting ready to head home