Area 17 Mini-Rally in Perrin, TX

North Star Sams folks had a hand in the design of this "Perrin Patch"

Mitchell RV Park in Perrin, TX

This is the main exhibition building

Jim Bailey is registering

We were responsibility for "Hospitality". Sherry and Marg are getting things set up

Here's "Hospitality", ready to go

Ahh.... A customer

Jim is no doubt explaining something very technical

Some other folks just sittin' around chatting

Getting ready for games at the outside pavilion

This one is a toughie... The object is to put the carrot into the pop bottle

Marge is assessing a quilt

Some of the Silent Raffle prizes

Sherry, Jim, Dale, Marge, & Kathy are watching the evening's entertainment

Janet McBride Ingram was the Yodeler of the evening

Tim & Sherry, Dave & Kathy, and Jim & Marge attended the Mini-Rally