The Texas North Star Sams at the
Childrens Advocacy Center of Denton County

The Children's Advocacy Center of Denton County plays a vital role in the agressive investigation and prosecution of the perpatrators of sexual abuse against children.

As shown by the chart below, prosecution rates for sexual abuse crimes were significantly less in those years where there was no child abuse unit in place.

This is the TNSS second visit to the CACDC to donate huggable toys for the children and money to help offset expenses.

We're glad that they do what they do and are there for the kids of Denton County.

Click HERE to see our 2005 visit - - - - - - - - Click HERE to visit the CACDC web site

Director Dan Leal explains the role of the CAC in the
North Texas communities to Laura, Kathy, Pat, and Lew.

CAC Director Dan Leal accepts a donation check from the TNSS' Sherry, Marlene,

Laura, Kathy, Jim, Lew, Pat and Jackie. Tim was also there and took the picture.

The TNSS also donated several large bags of stuffed animals for the children.