The BEAUTIFUL weekend of June 16, 17, & 18 found the Texas North Star Sams camping at Pilot Knoll Park in Highland Village, TX.

Members, the Youngs, the Duerrs, the Morans, and Jim Bailey were joined by visitors Jim & Jackie Reid and visitors Jim & Becky Moller.

Jim and Jackie Reid were voted into the Texas North Star Sams.
WELCOME Reids... Great to have you !

Being Father's Day, Tim & Sherry's children and grand children came to visit.

The Young's rig out on the point

The Moran's are parked at an angle to get a better view of the lake

The Duerr's new rig

The Moller's new Pheonix Sport

Visitor Jim Moller, Jim & Jackie Reid, Steve, Del, Jim

Del, Jackie. visitor Jim Moller, Jim, Steve, Sherry Y, Jim

Del, Jackie, Jim, Jim Moller, Jim Bailey, Becky Moller, Sherry Y

Tim & Sherry Moran's kids and grand kids.
Grandson Parker, son Marc, D-I-L Allyson, grand twin Kelley, daughter Miki, grand twin Courtlyn, S-I-L Steven, Sherry, Tim, son Tommy

Grand twins Courtlyn & Kelley Ranly spent the night in the RV

NO ! This house is NOT on fire.....

Tim managed to catch the evening sun reflecting off the big windows.