July 21, 22, 23, at Pilot Knoll Park

Although the group doesn't usually schedule activities for July or August, there was more than enough enthusiasm among the member and visitor couples for a weekend at the lake.

The Youngs, the Reids, the Duerrs, the Mollers, the Laturners, and the Runtes braved the 106F-107F temperatures for a GREAT time at Pilot Knoll Park.


Sherry has the undivided attention of Jackie Jim, Marlene, Larry,
and Laura as she explanins "something" that MUST be important.

Steve, Sherry, Laura, and Allen over dinner.

Laura, Becky, Del, Greg, Larry, and Marlene stay out of the heat.

Ever the salesman, "Silvertongue" Steve has Marlene's attention

Allen, Jim, and Larry solve the problems of the world.

As Del looks on, Greg is holding back rubber
"Attack Chicken" from going after Sherry

Wisely, Jim is getting in out of the heat.