August, 2006, Campout at Hickory Creek

The weekend of August 18, 19, & 20 found the Laturners, the Mollers, and the Morans braving the 104-106 degree temperatures to socialize at Hickory Creek park in Lewisville, TX.

For the group, the highlight of the weekend was the Highland Village Balloon fest going on just across the lake from their campsites.

The group went to the Duck Inn for dinner on Friday night and to Chili's on Saturday night. On Saturday afternoon, the Mollers and the Morans got out of the heat by going to the nearby RAVE theater.

We sure are looking for cooler temperatures...........

On Friday night, several of the balloons were made
to "glow" by lighting up the propane burners.

A ferris wheel was a major attraction at the small carnival at the balloon site

Balloons started lifting off at 07:00 on Saturday morning.
Prevailing winds brought them straight towards us.

Many of the ballons took advantage of passing over the water to dunk their baskets.

One of the balloon pilots landed his balloon
on the edge of the lake right in front of us.

Many of the bystanders helped tow the basket to a clearing up the hill in order to
deflate and pack up the canopy. That's the Laturners rig in the background.

Becky Moller takes close-up pictures of the activities.
Jim Moller took the picture.

Sunday morning saw another early morning flight of balloons.

Becky Moller, Laura & Allen Laturner, and Tim & Sherry
watch the early morning take-off.

Note the blue and gold balloon on the left.

The early morning wind brought him directly towards us.

Closer and closer.......

Ending in a low level flyover, 20 feet over the Laturners 5th wheel.

This one didn't take off, but at 210 feet tall, everybody saw him.