Wreaths Across America - 2020

We all had a great time today, as it's been the first time since our February campout that we've been together. So there was a lot of catching up to do. Everyone wore their masks and practiced social distancing. The weather was fairly warm (for this time of the year) and the rains went north and south of the Dallas National Cemetery so we stayed dry. The crowd was very small as compared to 'normal' years, which meant we were actually laying out wreaths ourselves in Sections 12 and 13. We all got at least 10,000 steps in I bet!!


I'd like to thank everyone that participated this week for their great efforts:
Robert & Gayle Thomas - handled the private family wreath laying on Wednesday afternoon.
Allen & Laura LaTurner - handled the private family wreath laying on Thursday afternoon.
The Thomas's and LaTurners ended up splitting up to cover Areas 10 & 11, as well as our areas 12 & 13.
Luckily they had Section Leaders show up today to cover these areas.

The following people worked the public wreath laying today:
Ken & JoAnne Bird
Jim & Kathy Brede
Charles & Theresa Hewitt
Jim & Becky Moller
Tim & Sherry Moran - Tim did a great job keeping the table full of wreaths for pickup in Section 12.
John & Cyndie Lubbeck - from the Jolly Good Sams group who came to help us Much Appreciated!
Bob Reynolds - a prospective new member for our group.
Scott - a young man that works for a Hotel chain in Dallas.

I look forward to 2021 when hopefully we can get back to a new 'normal' and have a lot more people
come out to support Wreaths Across America.

Remember -- We still need to do the wreath pickup on Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021 beginning at 9:00 AM.
I hope those with pickups there today will be there to help again. Last year all wreaths were picked
up in two hours when we had 44,000 wreaths. This year we only had 37.000 wreaths, so it should take
much less time. Please go directly to our Sections 12 and 13 to begin the pickup. Bring gloves, a
broom stick (without the broom) and we'll get 'er done!!

Thanks again for the great group effort this week to Remember our Fallen; Honor those who serve;
and Teach our children the value of Freedom. I appreciate all your great help.

Ken Bird - President
Texas North Star Sams