Jim & Becky Moller

Becky and Jim have lived in Bedford, TX since the early seventies except for a break of a few years in New Orleans.

Jim is a consultant in the electroplating industry.

Becky teaches Parenting and Child Development at Venture School in Arlington.

They have two grown sons and a four year old grandson who calls them Grammy and Gramps.

Many of their family members live in North Texas so family get togethers are frequent and always fun. Dutch, the dog, is the "baby" in the family now.

Jim enjoys almost anything that goes fast and makes loud noises. He likes figuring out how to do things with computers and, since the arrival of digital darkrooms, has rekindled an old interest in photography.

Becky enjoys reading, visiting antique stores, and anything creative. Teaching is still a joy (usually) although she dreams of a flexible schedule to allow for a more active RV lifestyle.

In the spring of 2006, Becky and Jim decided to look for a small pop-up trailer and eventually bought a 2004 Phoenix Sport, Class B+ motor home. After discovering how much they both enjoyed camping, they moved to a Four Seasons Hurricane 31-H motor home a year later.

We thank Tim Moran for discovering what a neat toad a Mazda Miata makes.

Jim uses the RV for business travel sometimes. Hopefully, when they retire there will be many trips not set by a calendar.